12-Tool Survival Pen, Paracord and 30-Piece Survival Card Gift Set

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Maybe you’re trapped in a car as it sinks to the bottom of a lake.

Maybe your vehicle broke down in the vast wilderness, miles from help.

Maybe you’re totally lost in a forest, cold and facing a long dark night ahead.

Whatever your situation, you need to stay one step ahead and be prepared for all possibilities.

Cut through your seatbelt and smash that car window. Make a trap in the wild and catch yourself some dinner. Start a fire and build a shelter in the woods. All with the tools in this Survival Gift Set.

Take advantage of the countless survival options offered by the Survival Pen, Paracord and Survival Card.

Stay calm and in control, whatever dangers you face.

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Practical. Giftable. Essential

  • 12-tool Survival Pen
  • Tough multi-purpose Paracord
  • Presentable and attractive gift box
  • 30-piece stainless steel Survival Card
  • Pocket-sized survival tools with solid long-lasting design

How big are these accessories?

With the compass attachment the Survival Pen is 7.5" in length, and with the LED attachment it's 8.75". The Survival Card measures a tiny 4.5” x 3”.