Survival Card Multi Tool Men's gift

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There are times in our life when we stand alone against the power of Mother Nature.

A deep dark forest. A cold barren hilltop. A craggy uneven mountainside.

It is in these moments a man must prove his strength, his resourcefulness, and his worth to himself.

Yet since time immemorial, mankind has used a range of essential survival tools to overcome adversity and achieve victory.

At Holtzman's Gorilla Survival we believe in honoring the ingenuity and determination of humanity by providing men with an essential range of diligently crafted survival tools they can always count on.

With a range of features and a dedication to long-lasting use in every item, Holtzman's Gorilla Survival provides a range of products you can gift to another or enjoy yourself for years to come.



Help the committed outdoorsman in your life get tooled up with our 30-in-1 Survival Card.

Featuring 9 different tools in one pocket-friendly item, our Survival Card is forged from quality-assured stainless steel to give you a multifunctional accessory you can always depend on.

Do some fishing. Keep tooled up while camping. Stay prepared on a big hike. Have some help when hunting. Or just cover all bases while you’re backpacking.

Snap the tools out of the frame (they come off simply and easily with a pull!).

Enjoy the quality and functionality of each tool.

Then simply place them back on the magnetic card when you’re done.

Give the gift of a pocket sized lifesaver today!

Please note - always sharpen your knife before use and ensure the magnetic card is not subjected to too much force. Exposing the magnetic card to velocity or strong impact may cause your stainless steel tools to become detached and get lost.



Lots of survival gear is bulky, heavy and awkward to keep to hand.

And while you can sometimes carry an extra 10 pounds of survival gear with you, this isn’t something you can keep with you at all times…

Weighing a feather-light 1.6oz, this Survival Card offers you a compact and lightweight option you can always keep to hand.

Whether you choose to keep it with you in your wallet, have it to hand in your car glovebox, or store it for emergency use in your first aid kit, our Survival Knife punches far above its weight in functionality.

Enjoy the Dual Edged Saw, Sewing Needles, Knife, Trap Buckles, Double Fish Hooks, Snare Locks, Arrows, Single Fish Hooks, and Lures on each Survival Card.

Conveniently take your Survival Card with you everywhere to stay prepared and ever-ready to save the day!


How many times have you heard it said…

‘I just don’t know what to buy for him!’

Yes, we know that as outdoors-loving guys it can be tough to buy for us. We even found it hard to find the right gifts for close friends and fellow outdoor enthusiasts!

Then that’s when it hit us!

Who better to create gifting products for guys who love hunting, camping and other outdoor pursuits than guys who do it themselves?

And so Holtzman's Gorilla Survival was born...

Created to offer a range of attractive and thoughtfully designed products for outdoorsmen, Holtzman's Gorilla Survival gives you a convenient and consistently high-quality choice of survival equipment that is ideal for gifting!