Holtzman's Credit Card Sized Knife #1 Best Wallet Knife (Silver Black)

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It is the perfect knife for you portable, flashy, durable, and practical, all backed by our lifetime money back guarantee

- The body is layered with Stainless Steel for longevity and strength
- The edge of the blade has a line of light reflecting steel
- Your wallet knife Folds to nearly the size of a credit card which can be carried in a wallet
- It is so thin and light weight you will likely forget your wallet has this useful tool, until you need it
- You will be impressed by how often your knife comes in handy
- Your credit card knife makes a great survival tool as well as being the perfect everyday use tool

there is currently a limited time price cut as a launch promotion.

THERE IS NO RISK! We know you will love your knife that’s why we offer a lifetime "no questions asked" money back guarantee!

We are also throwing in 4 outdoor/survival eBooks, 101 outdoor & camping recipes, and a camping training video

  • RISK FREE- your knife is backed with our no questions asked lifetime guarantee!!
  • PORTABILITY- Can easily fit into a wallet, pocket, survival kit, bug out bag…
  • STRENGTH- The blade is surgical series stainless steel the body has extra strength with an added layer of stainless steel
  • FANCY- impress your friends by pulling out a credit card and transforming it into a knife
  • PRACTICALITY- there are countless situations for which your knife will come in handy cooking it may even be the survival tool that saves your life