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Credit Card Knife : Holtzman’s Wallet sized Knife razor sharp utility Great Survival or emergency Tool Stainless Steel

The perfect tool!

It looks great and is perfect for each and every person it’s so compact, lightweight, strong, and useful, with NO RISK

- The handle is strengthened with a layer of Stainless Steel
- The light reflects of the silver edge of the razor sharp blade
- The space conscious design of your knife enables it to easily Folds to just about the size of a credit card so you can slide it into your wallet
- the perfect sleek and compact design means you will probably forget this useful cutting tool is in your wallet until it’s needed
- You will be impressed by the sky blue colored handle and how good it looks
- Your wallet knife is great for everyday normal activities and is perfect for nearly every other situation such as hunting, backpacking, camping, fishing, and emergency preparedness.

Just when you thought this knife could not get any better we cut the price way down as a limited time launch promotion.

REMEMBER! We know you will love your knife, which is why we offer a lifetime "no questions asked" money back guarantee!

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  • NO RISK : get your credit card knife and never take a risk with our lifetime money back guarantee
  • QUALITY : Always the best material and craftsmanship
  • PORTABILITY : Sleek and space conscious
  • USEFUL : comes in handy for everyday use as well as camping, survival, fishing, hunting…
  • STYLISH : Transform your fancy looking credit card into a useful cutting instrument in front of your friends