Wilderness Camps Let Campers Really Rough It

If your idea of a great vacation is being pampered, wilderness camping is not for you. Since these camps generally offer a variety of high excitement activities with not much in the way of modern conveniences pampering is not an option. However, during a week or two at a wilderness camp, children can learn important lessons such as survival skills, first aid and wilderness safety. As a plus, kids will also be forced away from the television and video games for a spell so they can connect with nature.

One of the first and most obvious aspects of wilderness camping is, of course, the wilderness. These campers do not visit already set up camps with cabins, kitchens and bathroom facilities. Along with leaders experienced in wilderness survival, they set out to make their own adventure and their own camps.

Wilderness campers generally carry all of the things they need to live during their camping trip in a backpack on their backs. Their packs will hold their clothing, food and eating utensils as well as tents and bedding. Depending on their activity, they may make and break camp each day, or they may set up one camp site and stay there during their entire camping trip.

These campers generally travel to remote places where there is no electricity or plumbing. They must learn to cook all of their food over a fire and also set up a tent and campsite that will be protected from the elements. Campers will be taught how to pick a good campsite and how to pitch a tent properly. They will also be taught fire and cooking safety.

During their camping experience campers will also learn the basics of wilderness safety. This will include training in which plants, animals and insects are poisonous and what should be done if someone should become poisoned by a plant or insect. Campers will bring the lessons they learn while wilderness camping back to their everyday lives where they will know how to properly handle emergency situations.

In addition to the skills they will learn, most campers will tell you the exciting activities they can participate in during the trip is the focal point of wilderness camping. Wilderness camping will generally focus on an activity that can no be experienced in any other type of camp.

These activities can include mountain climbing, white water rafting, glacier hiking or backpacking in the forest or jungle. Wilderness camps are available in locations in both the United States as well as foreign locations, so your child can choose the adventure that is right for them.

Participating in a wilderness camp can help children learn the skills they need to survive and help others survive in the case of an emergency. They will also learn the extent of their own inner and physical strength as they participate in the adventure of their lives. Additionally, wilderness camps will also force kids away from video games and television for awhile and help them focus on nature and the world around them.