What makes the best survival knife?

A good survival knife is one of the most essential things for hunting. You might have seen the top survival theme shows like Man vs Wild, Bear Grylls, etc. From that, you would have got the idea to know which things or factors make a survival knife the best. There are so many options out there but you do not know which one will work out the best for you.


There is a boning, fillet, and skinning knife for example. A lot of people take them hiking and camping which is perfect for fishing. But, the main thing you should always keep is a small pocket knife that will be able to help you in making shelter. Not every one of us will get into a survival situation but you should always plan for it.


So, we do recommend that instead of just a pocket knife or Army ones, you do need the proper survival knife for some situations. Let’s see further about the things that make your survival knife the best.


  • The blade length should be between 5-9 inches
  • Your survival knife should have a fixed blade and full tang
  • Having a strong solid handle will also be best for you
  • The blade should be metal and the design should be flat or straight
  • Sometimes people confuse between survival and tactical knife. You need to have a survival knife with useful sheath
  • The blade thickness should be not much like you can get in ⅛ to ¼ inch.


Survival knives should be multi-purpose:


Another important aspect of a survival knife is that it should be used for multiple purposes. It should not only be used as a weapon but you can cut, chop, and even split the woods for making your way. If you are in a situation of self-defense like hunting for food, then your survival knife matters a lot. Instead of taking so many knives with you, just make sure that your one serves all the purposes.


Where to buy a good survival knife?


A lot of the experienced people who like to camp and hunt always keep their custom knives. And, whether you believe it or not, custom knives that are according to your needs prove to be perfect for you. You must talk with the supplier or the maker and let them know what you are looking for. An inexperienced purchase might not be a good decision for your survival.


You need to check that the material of the blade is of high quality and it stays sharp for a very long time. The blade should be of metal like carbon or steel which won’t be letting you down. The hardness range of the knife should be 58-60 for being the best knife.


Custom survival knives are expensive:


If you compare your knife with a custom one you will see the difference yourself. But our recommendation is to look for a good seller that has the best quality survival knife for you. As these knives are very expensive like you will be finding the $1000 to $10000 range normally.