What Important Things to Know Before You Buy a Survival Knife?

Survival knives can perform many functions but only if you choose the right one. For different users, different knives will prove the best. So, it's good to learn how to choose the perfect knife for you. Depending upon the use, different users will need a different knife. So, all knives will not be good for all. Here are the important things that you should keep in mind while purchasing a survival knife for yourself.


Top 6 Things to Know Before Buying a Survival Knife


Make sure that you have looked for the following features of the knife before purchasing it.


1- Tang Style


Tang is the metal that extends back into the handle of the survival knife. This is the part that determines how long a knife will survive. Make sure that you have purchased a knife with a strong tang so that it may last longer.


2- Handle of the Knife


Just like the tang style, there is a large variety of handle materials. So, survival knives differ according to the material of the handle. Some feature a hard rubber material while others have a polymer material in their handle. So, make sure that you have selected a sturdy handle for your knife.


3- Blade Material


The main portion of the knife is its blade. Its average life is determined by the material of the blade. Many metals are used in knife blades. However, stainless steel and carbon steel are the two major metals that will give your knife maximum life. However, carbon material may rust out, so it's good to choose the stainless steel material for the blade.


4- Blade Construction


After choosing the blade material, it comes to its design. Some knives feature a double edge blade while others have a single edge. Always go for a single edge blade so that you may avoid any damage to yourself. A double edge blade may hurt your fingers. Moreover, choose a blade that has a sharp toe or tip.


5- Blade Size


You can use your survival knife effectively only if you choose the perfect size. Though a smaller one will be easy to carry it may fail to carry on certain tasks. Similarly, a large knife may be effective for different tasks but may cause problems while carrying it. So, it's good to choose the perfect size for yourself. Here is the perfect length and thickness for a survival knife.


  • Length = 5" to 9"
  • Thickness = 0.125" to 0.25"


6- Sharp Tip


The tip of the knife helps to accomplish different tasks effectively. So, a knife with a sharp-pointed tip will be far better than the one with a less sharp tip. So, always go for a knife that has a sharp tip.




You can avail all the benefits of a survival knife only if you choose the right one. Certain features make a knife perfect, so you should learn the features that make a knife ideal. We have discussed some features that make a survival knife good. Keep these things in mind while purchasing a knife for you.