What are the Functions of a Survival Knife?

The idea of having a survival knife with you while you're on an adventurous trip is great. It will not only be your guard and defender but also a multifunctional weapon that can be used to cut wood, fruit, and so on. There are many benefits of a survival knife. In this precise guide, we'll explore the different functions of this beneficial outlet. So, let's move on to see what functions can this knife perform effectively.


Functions of a Survival Knife


Here are different tasks that a survival knife can perform for you.


1- A Great Defender


In forests, the wild lives can prove very scary. However, having a Survival Knife will keep you protected against all kinds of wild animals to a great extent.


2- Helps Cutting Woods


During your adventurous trips, you will need woods to burn the fire. Besides an ax, your true companion, the knife, can also help you to cut the woods to burn fire. This technique of cutting wood without an ax or hatchet is called the batoning technique.


3- Clears Paths for You


In thick forest, the bushes of the lofty trees can be a hurdle against your movement. You can't remove them with your hands as they will damage your hands. However, a good knife will do this task for you effectively. You can use it to cut the thorny bushes to clear the paths.


4- A Good Spear


When you're in a thick and deep forest far away from your camp, you're also away from the food. In this situation, getting meat for your survival will be your priority. Having a perfect survival knife with a sharp blade will be a great blessing for you. You can attach it to a long wooden stick to use it as a spear. Moreover, it can be used to slaughter animals and birds.


5- Skin the Prey


it's clear that you will not consume your prey, whether bird or animal, with its furs or skin on it. You'll need to take its furs or skin off to roast it. Having a well-sharpened survival knife will also perform this task for you.


6- A Good Digging Tool


Occasionally, you may need to dig the earth for different purposes. This can be for disposing of the waste, burning the fire, making support for your camps, and so on. For this purpose, you'll need a digger. Besides other digging tools, your quality survival knife will also perform this task for you. You can use it to dig holes for any purpose.


7- Helpful in Medical Emergency


In case you're injured, your survival knife will help you to cut bandages and to remove hazardous objects from your wounds. Moreover, you can use it to cut natural shrubs to use them as a remedy for your wounds.




A good survival knife is not limited to any single function only. You can make it effective in lots of tasks, as mentioned above. However, it's good to learn how to choose the best knife for you and what functions it can perform for you. So, learn the usage well before going to purchase such a multifunctional weapon.