What are the Features of a Good Survival Knife?

During adventurous trips, different tools prove very beneficial and the survival knife is one of them. It's a handy tool and you can use it for different purposes. Though it's a small gadget, it's very beneficial at the same time. Having a good knife of this kind will prove a true companion during your hard times on the trip. However, all this is possible only if you have the right tool.


Certain features make a survival knife perfect. To make your choice perfect, you should understand these features. In this precise guide, we'll discuss some features of a good survival knife. Let's explore the characteristics of a good knife in this niche.


Characteristics of a Good Survival Knife


Here are the different characteristics of a good survival knife. Keep these features in mind while deciding on a knife for you.


1- Knife with a Fixed Blade


Though knives with folding blades are also effective, these don't offer a good grip. Moreover, they may fail when it comes to cutting the wood. So, it's good to choose the survival knife with a fixed blade.


2- Full Tang Style Knife


Full Tang style refers to a knife having the same thickness of the metal in the handle as that in the blade. Such a knife will not only offer a good grip but also last for a longer time. So, choose a full tang style survival knife.


3- Blade Size and Thickness


It's not true to say that a survival knife with a long blade will be good. Unlike a long blade, a short or average-sized blade will be ideal. Here is an exact estimate of the blade size.


  • Length = 5" to 9"
  • Thickness = 0.125" to 0.25"


4- Sharp Pointed Tip


There are different kinds of survival knives. Some don't have a tip at all, some have an unsharpened tip, and some have a sharpened pointed tip. We'll suggest you a sharpened pointed tip. Many benefits are associated with such a knife. It will help you to dig holes, hit the prey while using a spear, and so on. So, go for a knife with a sharpened tip.


5- Single Edge Blade


Like tips, blade edges also put the survival knives into different categories. Some knives come with both ends sharpened while others have single sharpened edges. A double sharpened edge blade may harm you, so you'll have to take great care while using it. Moreover, it offers poor grip. So, it's good to choose the one with a single sharpened edge blade. It will offer a good grip and will not be harmful too.




Many features should be kept in mind. However, some features are minor that is almost similar in all kinds of knives. So, you can ignore those. But others are major ones and must be kept in mind. We have discussed some major features of a good survival knife. Keep all these features in mind while selecting the one for you, it will make your choice perfect. If you purchase the one without proper understanding, your choice may be faulty.