Tips to Choose the Best Survival Knife for You

A perfect Survival Knife will prove your true companion during adventurous activities. It can help you with other ammunition proves futile. However, it's possible only when you have the best knife that can survive you against all kinds of hazards like wild animals. When you go to restricted areas, in particular, such a weapon will prove very beneficial for you. All you need is just a good knife but how to choose the best survival knife? This is important to explore. Certain tips can help you while deciding on such a weapon for you. Here are some tips that will prove effective during your knife selection.


Selecting the Best Survival Knife


Some important tips to decide which survival knife is the best for you are discussed here. Keep them in mind while selecting the one for you.


1- Choose Effective Blade


Many people tend to choose a knife with a long blade. However, in the case of the knives under discussion, the blade length doesn't matter. All that is effective is the functioning of the blade. An average size knife with an effective blade will be perfect for you. We'll recommend choosing the one with a blade size in between 5" to 6".


2- Select Fixed Blade


Mostly, two types of blades are common when it comes to the survival knife, folding and fixed. It's good to have a fixed blade in case of a survival knife. Such a blade will not only make the weapon more durable but also more effective.


3- Choose Knife with Full Tang


It's good to have a survival knife that features the same thickness and width of the metal in the blade and handle. It's called the full tang style. This kind of item will be more durable and will provide a good grip too.


4- Sharp Tip


Some knives have unsharpened pointed tips while others don't have a tip at all. Avoid choosing such a piece rather go for one that has a fully sharpened pointed tip. This kind of knife will prove very effective for you.


5- Go for Single Edge


Some knives come with both ends sharpened that are not so good. The flaw of this kind of weapon is that it will not offer a good grip. Moreover, it may hurt your fingers or thumb. So, choose a single-edged survival knife for you.


Other Tips to Choose Perfect Knife


Besides the above-mentioned tips, follow these too while choosing a knife for your survival.


  • Strong pommel or butt
  • Steel blade
  • Your favorite color
  • Lanyard holes
  • Good handle material




Having a good survival knife will act as a multifunctional weapon that will not only defend you against the wild animal's attack but will also act as an ax, a fruit cutter, and so on. However, it's important to have the one with solid material, perfect length, and good grip. If you are facing any confusion regarding the selection of a survival knife, follow the above-mentioned tips, these will prove effective for you.