Survival Knife Skills to Learn for Self Defense

Having a survival knife when you're on an adventurous journey is no less than a blessing. If you used to go without one, you should have a knife with you. You can perform lots of functions with it. However, if you don't know how to use it, it will be useless for you. So, you should also learn some helpful survival knife skills to help yourself in the forest or at any other adventurous place. Though there are many skills that you can learn, the following ones are the most beneficial. So, go for these skills.


6 Survival Knife Skills to Learn


If you have a good knife, you can use it not only for cutting vegetables and meat but for many other activities. Here are some knife skills that can help you in the deep forests.


1- Scraping


Scraping can help you in emergencies. You can use your survival knife for this purpose. If its spine is square and has a sharp edge, you can perform different scraping tasks with it.


2- Cutting Through the Woods


Though a folding survival knife or one with a weak spine can't support cutting through the wood, you can use a good knife for this purpose. You can cut the wood by hammering the spine. Moreover, you can use this technique for multiple wood carvings.


3- Drilling


If you have a knife with a sharp tip, you can use it for drilling in wood, ground, or even in soft metals. You can do so by continuous twisting of your knife's tip on the surface that you want to drill.


4- Spearing


One can find a variety of designs and materials for survival knives. Some come with a removable handle while others have a fixed one. Whether you have a knife with a fixed handle or with a removable one, you can use it as a spear. To do this, simply bind the handle side of the knife to a sturdy wooden stick. Then you can use it for self-defense or hunting.


5- Distress Signaling


Sometimes, you may lose your companions or want to signal them for prey in the forest, you can use your knife for this purpose too. Simply by binding the knife to a stick, raise it by pointing the reflective side to the sun. This will act as a signal for your companions in the forest.


6- Digging


Sometimes, you may have to dig a hole in the ground to fix the support for your camp. You can use your knife to dig into the soft ground. Moreover, you can also use the very same knife to dig into the woods. So, it's a universal tool that can be used for plenty of activities.




A survival knife can perform many functions other than cutting meat and vegetables. You can use it for making the camps, preparing bandages, and lots of other functions. However, you should learn certain skills to perform all these functions. If you have a survival knife, you should go for learning the above-mentioned skills. These skills will prove helpful in emergencies.