Important factors that make the best survival knife

We can all agree that having the perfect survival knife with yourself is very important. Either you are a traveler, bush crafter, or just an outdoor lover always on an adventure. You should know that an emergency can arise anytime and for that, you should always be ready. Your knife should be versatile and practical doing more than just cutting. You can use them as tools or as a weapon especially when you are alone out there without enough supplies. So, there are some important things that you should consider when you are checking out different ranges of survival knives.


What is the purpose of a survival knife?


You need the best blade to carry with you all the time. It comes in handy in hunting and protecting yourself. You can cut and go through the bushes saving others and your life. Think of it that you might have seen movies where people are using survival knives in combat, jungles, mountain, and many other scenarios. But you can only avail of these benefits if you are choosing the right knife that has the required characteristics by the top explorers.


  • Full-tang:


One of the most important characters to check is the full tang. It means that the overall blade and the handle are made of one piece. It should be attached with the handle tang so you can use it without worrying that it will come out. Some of the tangs can get loose and it won’t be a value returning to you because you need a good survival knife that is bolted or welded properly. You will today find a lot of new knives in the market that does have this quality or character that makes them perfect for everyone.


  • Blade thickness:


You should always make sure that the blade thickness is around 3/16-¼ inches which are considered quite good by the explorers. These are durable and the blade can pierce properly to save you time. You can use the knife in danger as well without worrying that it won’t do any good. Moreover, your blade thickness can sometimes vary if the length varies.


  • Blade length:


The most appropriate length for the blade is 4.5-6 inches as it is easy to use. Mostly the top ones are 5 inches which are even recommended as perfect for the blade thickness we have mentioned above. There is no doubt some exceptions as well which are the most expensive ones that have their unique design. Such a knife will even meet the criteria of versatile benefits and it will be highly durable. You can build traps with such length and hunt animals for food, especially in surviving cases.


  • Blade materials:


It is quite important to know what are the materials of your blade. It can be D2 or high carbon steel which is quite common in the best ones. Carbon steel is one of the best choices that you should go for as it will ensure to create a sharp blade for you. It is perfect for everyone who is outdoorsy, a traveler, or someone who is stuck in a difficult situation. Keeping a survival knife has become important to make your purchase today and be safe.