How to take care of your survival knife leather sheath?

Having a survival knife is a must whether you are a traveler or outdoorsy. We should always be ready for adventures but there is a chance of emergency as well. You can get lost or attacked by someone and these situations call for self-defense. Survival knives become quite handy and they can help in combat and cutting. For your amazing survival knife, you might have also got the trendy leather sheath. Some people are getting them with their names and it is just perfect for your knife safe-keeping.


But you should know that it is very important to take care of the leather sheath. Just like all sheaths, this one helps in carrying and protecting your knife. So, you don’t want to get it dirty or torn just like that. If you ever have a leather sheath you will know that it is hard to maintain but still one of the best choices ever. So, here we are listing some top ways that will help you in maintaining the quality and durability of your sheath.


Tips for your survival knife leather sheath:


  • Always choose your treatment products with research:


You should know that leather is just like skin and you cannot use just any product on it. There are so many choices in the market so it is important to your research. Probably this is one of the top tips when it comes to the leather sheath. Like neatsfoot oil is quite popular but it can destroy your leather as it dries up the oil. So, do not make the mistake of just choosing any product. You should focus on products like beeswax and natural oils. Always read the labels of the products because they will tell you about the real purpose of the product. Use leather conditioners as well because it helps in softening your leather sheath. Do your research online or ask someone who has been using the same sheath for a very long time.


  • Do not dry your wet leather quickly:


Instead of using anyway to quickly dry your leather, let it dry naturally. If it dries up too quickly, then it will lose its original oil which will dry up your leather forever. Let’s say that in some cases you did it, you can still restore the quality of your survival knife leather sheath using natural oils.


  • Avoid the abrasive grit:


Your new leather sheath may have abrasive grit that could be embedded. You have to ensure that does not happen with your sheath. Talk to the salesperson or from wherever you are purchasing it. It will destroy your leather and also your survival knife. Just ensure that it does not have it and everything will be fine.


  • Do not use too much oil:


While we are recommending that you should use natural oils but there is no way you should use them excessively. The sheath can absorb the oil and it can even reach your knife which can affect it. Spray a few drops of natural oil so it only protects your leather sheath,