How to put your neck knife for action in self-defense

No matter which weapons you use, it is important to ensure that is practical, easy to use, and can help in combat. It is all about the experience of every user because there is a variety of neck knives on the market. There could be situations in life when you have to use your neck knife in combat and that size is very important. Usually, we consider that big knives are the best but it is not true.


One thing that we love about the neck knife is that is it small and it is easier to conceal. So, for having an edge in combat, you won’t be able to get a better choice than this. You can wear it around the neck like the style of military dog tags. Now, you might be getting an image because you have seen it in movies or shows.


How to choose the correct neck knife?


Neck knives have a shorter blade but it is sharp. Make sure that you are choosing one with a broad blade because it has better cutting features. Here an important point is that a neck knife is an easy way for self-defense but it cannot ensure stabbing. It can cause some minor cuts and injuries that give you enough time to save yourself. In most cases, it will be an animal, and hurting it a little will even give you time to run and hide.


It is important to remember that the handles of your neck knife should be long and wide so it is perfect for grip. You will also see some with steel handles but it is preferred to avoid them because they can be slippery in cases that are not the right choice in combat.


Defending yourself with a neck knife:


Even if you have the best neck knife, the most important thing to know is how to defend yourself with it. When you have a sudden threat, you do not need to look or hold a weapon that will require both your hands. You can just grab it around your neck or pocket instantly. So, you are not wasting any time drawing your knife. Unarmed defense can be tricky and we do recommend that you should not be wearing a lot of layers. It helps you to grasp your knife in seconds because it will be closest to your skin.


Let’s take an example here if you are wearing a lot of layers and your neck knife is tucked under. When you are getting it out, you will be drawing attention and the attacker will be able to see what you are doing. There will be less chance for you to defend yourself in this case.




Like any weapon, a neck knife is also great for self-defense. It can do a little harm and ensure that you have something around you in emergencies. Make sure to focus on your skills and practice as much as you can. Understand its limitation and always be fully prepared even if you have to carry more than one knife.