How can you use a survival knife in emergencies?

Having a survival knife is not just important for danger but you can enjoy its perks in many emergency cases. People who go into the woods will surely know that there are so many things out there. You will be needing a good quality knife even for some simpler things in the woods. They are more than just cut and you can use the blade for different situations that can help in saving your life.


Ways to use a survival knife in an emergency:


  • Creating a drill hole:


A survivor or a traveler who got lost in the woods should know that you can drink through the trunk of the trees. It depends on the months but you can find a maple tree as well and drink their sweet syrup to quench your thirst and boost your energy to survive. You just need a sharp blade that will easily create a drill home in no time. Give it your best shot again and again and try to find the soft spot for a quick result.


  • Make your spear:


You might have seen movies in which people will use their survival knives to create a wooden spear in no time. A good survival knife can indeed help you in creating a spear that will be easy to sit tightly on the pole. But it does that matter the design of your knife. You should know that spear is an important tool or a weapon in the woods for a very long time. And, it is better to have something than nothing when you are alone out there.


  • Send a distress signal:


If the blade of your knife is new or polished, it will be reflective enough to send a signal. It is the perfect plan for people who might get lost in the woods and just want to send a signal to their group or friends. You will be able to use the sunlight to create reflection as a distress signal. Or it is perfect to carry a mirror that can create a bright reflection. Just put the knife in a position where you see the light bouncing off the mirror. With enough luck and hope, someone will soon notice the flash.


  • Use as projectile:


Well, we will be giving the movie reference one more time as you might have already seen how people throw their knives. Yes, you can do that too just like at a balloon popping game but with a better practice. It might seem like that throwing your knife away would not be a good idea. But think it this way that you will defend yourself from some animal from a distance. You can even get a small animal that you can use to cook for yourself.


After all, surviving in the woods is not an easy thing. You need to practice your aim a little with your knife. The timing and distance here matter a lot. Also, it would be wise to carry more than one if you are going to a dangerous area.