Can You Carry a Survival Knife While Traveling?

A survival knife is an essential component of any travel gear to ensure personal security. For simple tasks like cutting and slicing or in case of building shelter or self-defense, a survival knife is a must-to-have item in your travel kit. Despite its many benefits, there are laws everywhere on carrying a knife.

Can you carry a survival knife?

The answer to this very question greatly depends on your camping location as every country, state, or city has its laws. Wherever you decide to travel, read about the local laws on carrying knives, and then prepare your travel kit. For most camping sites, you are allowed to carry a survival knife with you.

However, there are certain places such as airplanes, any federal buildings, or campsites near military lines or bases, and carrying a knife is prohibited. In case, your traveling itinerary involves flying then you need to get in touch with the airline authorities regarding whether you can carry a survival knife. The decision is made by the transportation security administration after proper checking and making sure it is completely and safely packaged. Some privately owned campsites also do not allow knives.

For a more detailed insight, check out the State Knife Laws, especially if you are traveling within the United States to avoid any legal proceedings.

How to carry your survival knife?

As important as a knife can be while traveling, it can also pose any danger if not carried or covered properly. There are many ways to carry your knife depending upon your usage and access e.g., you want to keep it in your backpack, wear it around your neck or your waist, or in your everyday carry. But what matters is its covering. The knife should be covered or wrapped properly with sturdy materials such as leather or Kydex.

Following are some of the ways to carry your knife to make it more accessible and usable during traveling:
Leather Belt Sheath

Most people find it convenient to carry a tool around their waist. Therefore, you can go for a leather belt sheath for your knife. Not only the leather sheath helps to protect you from the sharp blade of the knife, but it also makes sure that you do not lose it along your journey. A leather belt sheath makes the knife more accessible to use as well.

Boot Sheath

If you do not want to put your knife on display or to scare others around you, keep your knife in your boots or carry it around your ankle. It is not quickly accessible but it is a good option especially if you do not feel threatened by your environment.

Neck Knife

The trend of carrying your survival knife around your neck has been gaining popularity recently. It is not only a convenient way to carry it but has also become a fashion statement. Unless your survival knife is fully protected by a leather or Kydex sheath, it is not recommended to wear your knife like this for your safety.

Carrying a knife is good as long as it is legal. So, do your research in advance to avoid any at-the-moment problems during your traveling.