Camping Apparel: What To And Not To Wear

If you take inappropriate clothes with you when you go camping with your family then it can turn out to be a disaster. We can wear the kind of clothes we want, when we are home, which will be suitable for the weather there. On the other hand when you go camping, the clothes that you wear at home will not be sufficient to shield you nor keep you comfy. It is a known fact that nature does not always make things easy for the venturers.

Therefore in order to make sure that you have a pleasant camping adventure, make sure that you are fully clothed against all odds. In the recent years, a lot of camping clothes are available in the market to make you comfortable and protect you when you go camping. Nevertheless, with the excess supply of camping clothes you may get confused as to what kind of clothes are right for you.

Given below are the kind of clothes you should get from the stores in order to keep you comfortable during your trip and the technologies following these clothes. It is essential that you know the features so that you will know how these technologies can help you when you are outdoor.

The materials

The most common material that you can choose when you go camping consists of the technologies that will permit the water to pass through the material yet it doesn’t allow the water to go into it. From the time when man started to produce clothes for camping, trekking and the like; the major crisis that they had to face was to draw away the wetness from the exterior of the skin in order to avoid wearing wet clothes and which can make you comfortable during the bad weather. The new clothes will have to achieve this along with keeping the dampness away from the body. The new clothing is required to have some water-resistant features.

As an answer to this, the producers have revealed three technologies in the field of outdoor and sports attire. These are microporous laminates, microporous coatings, and monolithic membranes. These three materials permit the water vapor to getaway yet preventing the moisture from getting into the skin of the campers. More heat is created when you work hard and as a result, the water vapor is driven away. This is quite a remarkable technology.

It will be helpful if you search for attires with such technologies. You will be dry and comfy and will be able to retain a good temperature particularly during extremely cold weather.

Nylon or Polyester?

One of the most preferred materials among the people for the purpose of outdoor wear is nylon. The reason for such preference is its scratch-proof properties and it can tolerate the deterioration caused by most outdoor activities. Moreover, nylon is light and allows the passage of air and moisture. On the other hand, polyester is also not far from nylon. It is gradually becoming an alternative to nylon since it keeps the person warm and it soak less water as compared to the former material. Always go for the latest variety of the materials. Opt for nylon in order to be on the safe side, the latest polyester types will also do.

Keeping you warm

The one most important requirement for people who are planning to go camping is the kind of clothes that can keep them warm even during severely cold weather. Like we discussed earlier, nylon or polyester in combination with the latest micro pore technology can keep a person warm and comfortable. But in case of an extremely cold weather, you will require additional materials in order to keep yourself away from the cold.

The biggest problem that arises while selecting clothes for camping is whether you should get down or synthetic fill clothes. Down provides the most comfort and warmth and is normally chosen by most families when they go camping. The down-side of down fill clothes is that when it rains, these clothes will take a long time to dry off. On the other hand, synthetic fill clothes will provide sufficient warmth and it can also dry off quickly. The downside of this material is that they are heavier than down fill clothes.

An average material for camping is fleece. In opposition to intuition, fleece can keep a person warm even if it is wet. Fleece keeps moisture away from the skin as well as keeping a person dry and comfy. Moreover, they are soft and comfortable to touch.


While looking out for clothes that you can wear during your camping trip, keep in mind the technologies that are mentioned above. These technologies keep you warm, dry and comfy. Find out about each and every option you have and go for those that meets your camping requirements.